How to Choose a Binary Options Broker

Steps for Choosing a broker

Due to huge competition between binary options broker-dealers, which offer different features and benefits. However, choosing a broker is not an easy task for any new or experienced operator.

There are some key issues such as regulation and capitalization that speak to the reliability and competence of the organization and which can be measured according to certain objective criteria.

But the real challenge in choosing a broker is when you need to determine which attributes you are looking for. Along with exceptional features, you might find a potential weakness, depending on what you need for your style of trading.
this little website the starated try to manage the entire process of choosing a mediator for you.
If you want a quick start I recommend you download this short and clear guide binary options pdf

pharmaceutical sector forecasts

The agreement of merger and acquisition imminent between the group with stars and stripes Pfizer and Astra Zeneca UK group has collected a large volume of transactions in the square, given the importance, in terms of commitment of capital operation.

We see, in fact, they have positioned themselves as the two titles, in beautiful full euphoria of investments for the tantalizing challenge of the pharmaceutical industry.
The agreement Pfizer-Astra Zeneca

Began to fare well in yesterday’s session titled Pfizer with a quotation amounted to 30.86, an increase of 2.02%. Provided further rises in prices, even up to a target of € 34,15.

But Wall Street is not the only one to be in turmoil. Not even on the few scommetsse title Astra Zeneca, British group, which is experiencing a surge even higher as much as 6 percentage points.

On the other hand, the fact that one of the two groups, both American (Pfizer), while the other is British (Astra Zeneca) is a not insignificant detail, given the evolution of the cable Usd Dollar / Sterling. The pound reached its highest historical appreciation against the dollar. Is increasing the impressiveness of which is equal to $ 101 billion, which translated into sterling, equivalent to 60 billion.

Such rumors, therefore, is making the rounds of the international markets and not only has its headquarters on Wall Street.

It seems, however, according to very recent rumors that the agreement is not so obvious as it was believed at the beginning. Both groups are well positioned on the market. This is not, apparently, a merger of convenience. Suffice it to observe their market valuations for both well in excess of $ 50 billion. Pfizer is evaluated more than twice, and only in theory would have more items chapter, since it seems to have come first refusal on the part of Astra Zeneca.

Surely, to affect any assessment, placement in the U.S. Pfizer, whose performance is fluctuating stock market on Wall Street, a little affected ‘by the recent uncertainty in the U.S. economy, the weak dollar, fear of new foreign competitors . And so, the title alternates between positive trends and negative trends.

We can understand, then, how the system may be part of a strategic choice that may conceal some fears.

What are binary options signals

What are binary options signals? In the definition, a signal is an email or SMS alert a trader instruction of how to enter a new trade. Signals can be supplied with a daily output and binary options they are often supplied with an hourly output. Daily signals lifted as soon as the asset’s market is closed and the final price level outcome announced on trading platforms. Short term signals are in most cases due to expire at the end of the hour, some services have 60 seconds signals and in this case,

PDF Trading Guide For Free Download In Italian

Download the free Italian guide to binary options ( the guide is in (PDF) format)
Our network offers you a brand new guide to binary options in PDF. The guide offers strategies General Introduction and basic strategies of binary options  trading
The index of the guide in pdf format is as follows:

Introduction to binary options
The money management
Why use binary options
Types of Binary Options
How to choose a broker
FOREX Vs Binary Options
The study of graphs
Binary options strategies
Operation Example of trading

start Trading binary options

Trading binary options

Binary options are a possibility of trading in more than is offered to all investors regardless of their level and their skills in the financial markets.

Attention, this is not to say that all of them can negotiate with these tools, knowledge, there must always be, however, as it is structured the market there is a more immediate economic return and with less “frills” that makes digital options very attractive for all. The time constraints of the negotiation make this type of business very fast-paced and exciting thanks to the fact that within minutes of transactions can also obtain high yields of 60-70% with peaks of 85% and beyond.
Optiontime - Trading in options

But let’s step back.
What are binary options?

Underlying all this is to make simple predictions about a market, people used to forex will find it easier to transition to this type of trading also because of the fact you do not buy physical goods and then resell them, but you are betting on a particular “asset” trying to predict its performance.

When we talk about asset we refer to currencies, shares of the stock exchange, equity indices, commodity, everything sottindende a “negotiation.”

Example: buy an option on oil.

If we wanted to invest in crude oil, for example, a purchase option (we’ll see the methods and existing types) means to predict whether the price of oil will increase or decrease over a period of time that we can choose (for example, in the next half hour). If successful intascherete the agreed performance (eg 70%), in case of wrong prediction will lose the capital invested. It must be said that some brokers offer the possibility of redemption in case things go wrong but it is not a feature that everyone has.
The benefits of the options
The composition and the elements of an option

Now let’s see the elements that make up an option and that we must take into great consideration. We refer the term “in the money” and therefore a winning option for an accurate prediction, and the term “out the money2 to a wrong prediction.

In general we can define:

Market: is the title of negotiable items in the basket on which to exercise the option, for example, the oil price or the value of a stock market index
Investment is the capital invested in the performance then determine proportionally. It ‘obvious that the higher the more the yield salt
Yield: is the percentage offered by the broker in the case where the prediction is winning, generally ranging from 70% up to 90%, dependent from broker to broker. Occurs when the option is “in the money”. There are no negative returns or the risk is that you can lose money limited to the amount invested
Start Price: is the price that the property or asset prior to the start of trading has
Expiration price is the final price you get when the option expires
Deadline: is the time interval chosen at the end of trading will determine the success of the resulting prediction gain. Some platforms also allow transactions to dry for 60 seconds, in general, however, the minimum varies from 15 minutes to days or weeks or months

Apple (AAPL) Binary Options Trading

Each time When Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) reports earnings , make public declaration or release products to the market it is an exciting day to trade the AAPL binary options which are offered by every binary option broker on the planet . Yesterday on Q3 FY14 Earnings Release

Q3 FY14 Earnings Release

On July 22, 2014, Apple announced results for the quarter ended
June 28, 2014.
Listen to the audio webcast
View the press release

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Methods of Payment EZTrader

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On EZTrader users can deposit funds in their trading accounts through various international methods. This allows traders to add funds to their account in a simple and secure wherever they are in the world. You can deposit funds through 3 main ways - by using your credit card *, by bank transfer or through international provider of payment Moneybookers.

With our extensive experience in trading with binary options, we also recognize that some of our traders have unique needs when it comes to depositing funds. With this in mind, we offer them a range of alternative payment methods. For more information on these alternatives specific to each country, review the page on Alternative payment methods.


Exclusive list of binary options brokers regulated

still there a few months ago, binary options were not regulated. In practice this meant that an individual opening an account with a broker had no voice recourse legally in case of dispute and that the broker was in no way obliged to meet certain key financial and accounting standards to ensure a true protection of client money.

However, most brokers were committed to a minimum of security including through segregated accounts. In other words, in case of financial difficulties of the broker (eg bankruptcy), client money is not used to pay off the debts with creditors.

Since the beginning of 2013, binary options regulation is gradually up, first at the level of the European Union, and probably a few months in the United States.

Brokers regulated in the euro area:

- The broker OPTION WEB

- The broker Banc BINARY

- The broker TOP OPTIONS

These three binary options brokers meet the requirements of safety and professionalism set by the CySEC, the regulator of financial actors in Cyprus. Because of the membership of the island to the EU, brokers mentioned above are legally allowed to offer their investment services to Europeans and especially the French.

Why choose a regulated broker binary option?

Choose a regulated broker is a pledge of comfort for a trader because he knows that it meets a certain number of criteria to ensure its financial strength and transparency of trading operations, particularly in terms of the proposed quotations which must reflect market prices .

However, it should also be recognized that some brokers, unregulated, as 24Option provide services of high quality especially with the absence Re qoutes assured, which means that the courses offered are those which can be found on Bloomberg or Reuters.

Many brokers binary options are also regulated as some have barely start the process, often long to be licensed, others also do not conform to regulation altogether new. Within a few years, however, the entire industry should be regulated to ensure the passage extra security for traders.