What are the best indices on which to invest with Binary Options ?

When working within the world of Binary Options , one of the first questions that arises is the following : on index which is more convenient to operate for a profit? A question whose answer rather angular tends to vary over time . All indices , in fact, represent more or less marked fluctuations which reflect a specific market situation. For example, it would be reasonable to expect a decline in the gold price following the discovery of a new source of this resource . However, when you work with binary options you tend to analyze an index within a period of very skinny (usually no more than an hour ) , making it very difficult to develop a plausible prediction . For this reason , in this article will list some simple tips that will allow you to evaluate the best index available on the market at any given time .

1 . Analyze the history of the Index. This gives you the opportunity to understand the performance of a specific index . For example, should there be a steady growth over the course of an entire day , it would be reasonable to expect a downward settling and, therefore , point to the downside.
2 . Follow the signs to get information on forex currency on the day .
3 . Do not invest on Indices are highly variable. Very often , in fact , the captain of the moments of stall within which Indices move in an unpredictable way in both directions . For example, a given index may close with a sharp rise after an hour and then have a downward over the next hour . In short, a market all too dancer within which lose their capital is only an act of ordinary administration .
4 . Watch out for sudden changes . The latter , in fact, may indicate a change of the market . The perfect setting for a hearty profit, in a nutshell. However pays much attention to when it occurs : it may be a false reversal of the trend. For example, an index in upward from a long period could have a marked downward for a few minutes and then return to growth. In these cases , better not operate !
5 . Attentive to movements of the market. These , in fact, tend to occur with some frequency and make the index rather unstable. However, they are not always easy to recognize. In any case, a simple visual clue may be represented by a constant oscillation around a specific value . For example , if the value is fixed at 1,000 , an adjustment of the market could present downward fluctuations that lead him to 0995 followed by a rise which leads him to 1,005 . A scenario unattractive inside which is always better not to invest their money ! More details of Easy – Forex .https://www.givology.org/~samtoxer/blog/61208/

Cedar Finance Review 2014

cedar finance considered one of the most professional supplier of options påmarknaden , delivers Cedar Finance on all fronts. Meden strong sense förkundsupport and qualitative training products , they have done much more than exceeding merchant’s expectations , they provide the ideal training experience.

white open Account Go To Cedar Finance

Bonuses & Promotions

Traders will look to Cedar Finance offers really competitive bonuses for deposits and to start trading . Currently traders get Cedar Finances premiere bonus of 5,000 € as Bonus. Starting with such a large sum gives new traders several opportunities for a really good start with the construction of its fledgling portfolio . In addition , the majority offered bonuses of between 30 % and 75% , starting from the Bronze account with a bonus of 30 % u
pp to 999 € (200 € -999 € ) , Silver with a 50 % bonus up to € 4.999
( 1.000 to 4.999 € ) , and Gold which gives a 75 % bonus up to € 9.999 ( 5.000 to 9.999 € ) .
cedar finance review

account Information

Ceder Finance welcomes all traders of varying experience . Anyone can open an account at Ceder Finance for a minimum deposit of 200 € . When you open an account, select a currency , either USD , EUR or GBP (British Pound ) . Minimum trading amount at Cedar Finance is € 5 for a 60-second option , € 25 for a binary option and € 50 for a one-touch option . Opening an account is easy and done quickly right on Cedar Finance’s website. For now , there Ceder Finance only in English but more languages ​​are coming.
trading Requirements

Traders will notice that Cedar Finances platform is simple and intuitive. The innovative platform allows traders to navigate around the website , choose the assets and execute trades quickly. All functions are performed easily with Cedar Finances user-friendly platform. From that fund an account to execute trades is a fast and secure process for the merchant. Ceder Finance aims to provide merchants with the most convenient trading environment , and with its advanced technology , they ensure that traders get the best service.
Platform – assets & Markets

Whatever you prefer , then Ceder Finance a wide range of assets that necessarily will add value to a trading portfolio . Here are some premium assets that are worth taking a look at when you start shopping , starting with currencies : Euro / U.S. Dollar, Great British Pound / U.S. Dollar, Euro / Japanese Yen and many more. Some import goods including : Gold, oil, sugar, silver, platinum and others. Ceder Finance also offers many major index such as: IBEXT , NASDAQ , S & P Futures , NIFTY , TELAVIV25 , KUWAIT , FTSE , DOW , and more . No platform would be complete without such an incredible selection of stocks to choose from. At Cedar Finance traders can trade with BARCLAYS , IBM, GOLDMAN SACHS , COCA COLA , SBERBANK , REUTERS and many more. For a complete list of available assets , visit cederfinance.com . Suitable for a platform with a wide variety of retailers, offering Cedar finance more investment options. Traders can choose between 60 second options, one-touch options or a tool for customizing options. With 60 second options traders can get a faster turnover simultaneously with fast payouts . On the other hand, allows the tailored options trader choose the details of their trading, so that the asset and expiry- time.
Customer Support

Shops at Cedar Finance is supported by a team of brokers and market experts . Technical support that trade goes through quickly and SAKRET , while customer support provides all information available on the market through reviews, news and updates. All Ceders Finance resources are made available to their dealers , and support can be contacted around the clock , seven days a week through several methods, including email, live chat and telephone. From real-time share offer to help fund an account , customer support is always waited ready to help.
Is Cedar Finance a scam ?

Ceder Finance is a well- seen by brokers binary options that gives you an excellent opportunity to increase your income . Cedar Finance offers yields as high as 80% of your investment, which is the highest on the market. Binary options are a high risk investment that can lead to big gains, but also big losses. It is always best to gather proper information about the system as a binary options represent before investing in an asset . Cedar Finance offers an excellent platform with secure payment and good conditions with a wide range of assets to trade with.balitex1

Stock Pair Review 2014

stock pair is one of the most prestigious trading platforms for Binary Options and Pair- options, with a choice of 100 different trade assets . Stockpairs trading platform for binary optioneräranvändarvänlig and designed todo trade smooth and accessible for everyone from beginners to experts. The web- based platform provides direct access and requires no download or installation .


white open User Access To Stock Pair


Bonuses and promotions

Stock Pair offers more than just a user-friendly trading platform : they also have bonus promotions without restriction and ” Stop Loss / Take Profit ” and “Volume Cashback ” as an extra incentive to shop through their system . The current campaign on their website is a 100% bonus on all deposits over $ 500. We rekomonderar you to check out their office badly website for more details as new and ongoing campaigns are constantly updated .
account Information

Stock Pari has designed its platform for all types of traders , regardless of experience or the account size . The minimum amount of deposit is $ 200 and the maximum is $ 50,000 which gives everyone from new to experienced traders a place to shop in the market. Accounts can be managed via multiple currencies and to open an account is quick and easy, and can be done from your own PC . Stock Pair is available in English , French, Italian , Spanish, German , Arabic and Greek.
trading Requirements

After opening an account , letters traders to the browser – based platform is very simple and easy to use from any internet platform. They also accept a variety of deposit methods to make it as smooth as possible for the user , including most credit and debit cards , bank transfer and Moneybookers.
stock Pair Review

Platform & Markets

Stockpairs trading platform allows users to make immediate purchases in all major markets including resale , Stocks, Currencies , Indices and Pairs, with a total of over 100 purchasable assets from 8 different markets spread across the world.
Unique Stock Pair platform provides flexibility and high profit opportunity with the potential for yields of up to 350% per trade. The user can easily decide at any time to trade , from a mere 5 minutes and up to 150 days. Stock Pair offers something for all types of traders.
Stock Pair platform also most popular option types such as One Touch , High / Low, and is to speak because all types of traders .
Are Stock Pair a scam ?

To determine the reliability of a broker binary options , there are several criteria that need to be reviewed. Stock Pair uses a secure trading platform that is simple to use and is very reliable . The platform floats well with virtually no problems , and Stock Pair offers high payouts of up to 80% on your investments. In addition to this , they also offer a 100% bonus on your merchant account , so you can uynyttja the big payouts to the fullest. Stock Pair offer multiple payment options to help you secure your transaction , including CashU and MoneyBookers.
Customer Support

Stock Pair has already built a reputation with favorable prices and prompt customer support. They place great emphasis on keeping their clients happy and have a friendly customer support that is always available just in case you encounter some obstacles along the way . Customer support is available around the clock via live chat, phone and email . Deposits and withdrawals are made safe and easy , and can be performed via a number of popular payment methods including credit and debit cards , bank transfer and MoneyBookers. Stockpairs to hand also keeps a detailed FAQ on their website, with the help section to help new traders get started.

white open User Access To Stock Pair



Stockpairs platform over overall very easy to use, even for those with no previous trading experience . They offer a wide range of trading options for all major markets has , so that short – and long-term trading , which appeals to a large number of traders. They also have a lot of nice carrots as bonuses without demands, ” stop loss / take profit ” and “volume cashback ” . Their reputation for clear and great prices , together with a strong focus on satisfied customers makes them a good choice for really anyone with an interest in Binary and Pair options with over 100 assets .

Time Saving Demo Account Review – 24option

Looking for a rewarding binary options demo account ? Although you need to have an active funded account to get one, is 24option probably one of the best platforms for you to consider. Learn more and find out why
If you are looking for a demo account to practice binary trading without risking any money, you might want to consider opening a real account with 24option and get a free demo practice account along with it. Although not featured anywhere on the site, offering 24option dealer demo accounts to practice with before moving on to a real money account , without any obligations. Here are all 24option demo details :

 demo Account

Demo Account Available for mine. deposit of 250 USD / EUR / GBP / JPY
Demo trading Currency USD, EUR , GBP, JPY
Min. Demo trade size

Deadline for demo account

No output – you can practice as long as you want
Compatibility with the real account

100 % identical to a real account
Access to Demo Account

Through a customer account
funded by

1000 USD , EUR, GBP , JPY
Special Demo Trading Tools

High / Low, Over / Under , Touch / No Touch , High Yield Touch, Boundary, High Yield Boundary, Short Term



As you can see , the benefits of having a demo account with 24option are many. Since there is no difference in the quotes and data between a demo and a real account , you can practice on real market data. You can also check and see if there is a difference between the market data on a demo account versus a real one.
Another advantage that you get here is that there is no time limit on the demo accounts so that you can practice binary trading for as long as you want after activating your real account . Other big brands, like Banc De Binary limit demo account for just 24 hours.
Another important issue that I think is very critical to all investors is that if you do not like their platform or you do not want to trade binary options further, you can withdrawal all your money without hassle and without paying a fee.
Here is a chat I did with the service team to confirm these data. I did not have to wait long for the chat to start and the service was very professional and helpful :

All I need is a demo – Why open an account with 24option ?

Let’s face it – most of the popular brokers require deposit before giving you a demo . They do it because they do not want to give the free demo trading for all – and to find the right broker for a binary demo account is a hassle .

After spending hours searching the web for a broker that you can trust , now you need to register and verify your account , expose your private data . But hassle does not end here . Once registered , you will need to verify your account by sending bank statements, credit card details and other verification documents .

If , at a given time , were you thinking about opening an account with a binary options broker, I ‘m willing to bet 24option is more than likely to be one of the first brokers that came into your head . This leading regulated broker, arguably one of the most popular binary platforms out there , has an international reputation , as I’m sure you ‘ve noticed , for being one of the strongest and most reliable binary platforms around :


 In a nutshell

founded 2010
Regulated Yes – Village CySEC
Trading Platform Tech Financials
Accepting U.S. dealers No
trading assets

Stocks, currencies, commodities , indices
total Assets

minimum deposit

U.S. $ 250 / EUR / GBP / JPY
Min. Trade size

24 USD
trade Currency

Specific trading strategies

High / Low, Over / Under , Touch / No Touch , High Yield Touch, Boundary, High Yield Boundary, Short Term



Up to 85 % payout
regulated brokers
Multiple languages ​​supported
Support for mobile commerce
Wide selection of assets
extensive Lärcenter
User-friendly interface
American traders are not accepted
Bonus requirement is high
Dark platform that takes getting used to

As you can see , is this broker up to its reputation as the leading brokers in the industry. From what I experienced in a few cases , their chat came across as a professional , and can supply me with all the relevant information I needed – and I never had to wait long for them to respond. Add to this the fact that they are regulated , with a very user-friendly trading platform and you get the perfect binary brokers out there .

Why make a deposit if all you want is a demo ?

Although some players may not like the idea of ​​making a deposit before access to a demo account , this strategy has its advantages that you just simply can not ignore :

Earnest fees – What we do not pay for we tend to take lightly. When you make a deposit , you show your seriousness and good intentions of wanting to become a real trader, to yourself and to the brand. By making this deposit all the services they offer is there for you , for example, a client manager and a training center to maximize your workouts.

Fast Servers – If a demo account is free all going to open one, right ? This eventually slows down the servers in any trading platform, so when someone will want to trade with real money , he will not be able to make it in time because the platform is swamped with free demo trader. You want to look for platforms with fast servers and you do not want to demo accounts to be the reason you can not make a trade in time.

Start shopping right away – Had enough of the demo account ? If you fancy combining your first steps with real money trading , the deposit is already done , so you are just one click away from the real deal. This saves you the deposit process when you want to make a real trade .
The bottom line

The conclusion of this review is that you are better to make a deposit with 24option and enjoy their demo account as an added value. You can play with it as long as you want, without time limit and without any great risk experience involved. If you do not like their platform , or whether binary options are not your kind of business, you can always make a withdrawal and get all your money back – no fees to pay. 1

Selection of Underlying Assets for trading

The number and diversity of binary option assets you can trade varies from broker to broker. Most brokers provide binary options on popular assets such as the major Forex pairs including EUR / USD , USD / JPY and GBP / USD , but also significant equity indices such as the S & P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial . Even items such as gold, silver and oil are usually offered . Individiella shares is now found at many brokers binary options . However, one can not trade in all stocks, but generally speaking, there are between 10 and 50 popular stocks, such as Google and Apple. You can see which assets offered by the broker of your choice by going to the trading screen on their side and look at the drop down menu with assets . To learn more about the underlying assets , should the broker have a page called ” Asset Index ” or ” Asset Specifications ” which gives you an overview with which assets can be traded , what time you can trade assets , and other relevant information you should know about . links

Binary Options – Basics for Beginners

There are several types of binary options , each with their pros and cons. The most common form of binary options are vanilla options, or common binary options . Normally, the current price of an asset on your trading screen , and you will be asked if you think assets will go up or down in the future.

If you think the price will go up , you buy a ” call” option , usually shown as an arrow. If you think the price will go down , you buy a “put” option , usually shown as a down arrow . “The Future ” is called Expiry . In order to “win” the trade , the price must be where you predicted it at the time of the ” expiry ” . Once you have completed a trade , you usually do not finish the foremost time of the ” expiry ” . If you predict correctly , you will receive a fixed payment , if you are wrong , you lose the money you invested the trade.

Few words about Trading with Binary Options

Trading with Binary Options

Binary options are a simple financial product that allows an investor to fully binary options simply choose an asset will go up or down over a predetermined time period . The return is fixed and equal to the risk , which removes enstor part of the cloud with trading decisions. When you purchase and option and then go out, you will receive either a fixed payment or lose your investment. This takes the guesswork out of when to end a downward or upward trading.

But there are still risks , and there are some things you should know before you start trading binary options. The simplicity of binary options is appealing , which means that traders start trading before they are sufficiently trained and ready for it.

Signal feeds Introduction

Signal feeds Introduction
Signal feeds is a great service and is %100 WatchDog Approved! If you are absolutely new, do not register with a broker before you checkout this service the membership is offered with a 7 Days Free Trial or with a non-subscription paid membership this independent signal service provider and it was the first signal service that I used when I started out trading Binary Option see more

A new fun way for explosive trading!

Now you can speculate in a whole new way! The challenge is to predict whether a price will be above or below a given course level at the end of a given day. It is your CFD that is crucial to the outcome
http://www.familytreeservice.co.uk/content/new-fun-way-explosive-trading ,http://www.familytreeservice.co.uk/content/gothenburg-stockholm-and-sundsvall-all-prefer-play-online